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Do you want to go on a journey that changes lives? Lomo Tanzania Safari will not only change your life, but also the life of someone in need.Lomo Tanzania Safari is set up by Tanzanian and Dutch people. We are a small team dedicated to make your safari relaxing, enjoyable, and worth your money. What makes us different from other companies? We have an Eye for Detail.

We know that the success of and enjoyment for any safari depend on the quality and experience of a safari guide. That’s why our guides are well trained, experienced and speak English well.

By traveling with Lomo Tanzania Safari, not only you will enjoy your safari but also will be able to change someone’s life in a positive way. With your money, people will be supported by offering them education, health and by improving their standard of living

Our Vision

LOMO simply means Less on Ourselves, More on Others. On this principle the company is dedicated to support the less privileged members of the community through education, health and improving living standard. We believe that we are a solution to someone in need.

Driver & Mountain Guides

Our Safari and Mountain guides are native Tanzanians who are Familiar with the history and Culture of the country . They’ve been educated in African wildlife and trained to become leader guides with 10 to 35 years of experience, in addition they have cultural advantage. They are fluent in English, well-versed in our culture, and friendly, genuine, and enthusiastic ambassadors for their Tanzania

360º Game Viewing

Pop-up roofs provide 360-degree views, and unlimited mileage means you can go wherever the wildlife is, with a window seat guaranteed every day. While you refuel on complimentary snacks and bottled water, outlets allow you to charge your devices. Our Safari Vehicle are Equipped for Long Safari Trips and are comfortable for game viewing.

Lomo Foundation

Lomo Foundation is non profit organization that works hand in hand with Lomo Tanzania Safari in changing the lives of less privileged children in Tanzania through education.

As the name suggests, LOMO means “Less on Ourselves, more on Others” Each trip that Lomo Tanzania Safari takes, part of the profit goes to Lomo Foundation. This is why we call it A Journey That Changes Lives.

Clients & Partners

Why Choose

Lomo Tanzania Safaris

Affordable Prices

Lomo Tanzania Safari Offers an affordable Pricing on your Experience without Compromising the Quality of Service we provide.

Tailormade Experiences

Our trips are tailor made, You tell us your wishes and we build the itinerary that suits your Needs Perfectly, We help you accomplish your Dream Safari

Less of Ourselves More on Others

Lomo Tanzania Safari is a Community Oriented Company Part of our Tour Profits goes back to help the Community in need.