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Chumbe Island Trips

One of the most spectacular coral gardens of the world, Chumbe Island is a natural reserve just off the coast of Zanzibar.

With its pristine coral reef, natural trails around the island and Indian mosque and lighthouse dating back to 1904, Chumbe has something to tickle everyone’s fancy. Ader’s Duikers roam through the forest reserve as fish eagles soar overhead and tiny pied kingfishers jump from branch to branch of the baobob trees and mangroves.

A short boat ride away from the main island of Zanzibar, a day out at Chumbe is not complete without some snorkeling. The reef is rich in marine life; turtles, sting rays, lobsters and schools of brilliant tropical fish. Snorkeling equipment is provided on the island with tuition available for beginners and park rangers on hand to guide you through the reef imparting their specialist local knowledge.
Explore the waters either in the morning or afternoon, leaving time for a nature trail across the sand bank which is dotted with scuttling crabs and starfish waiting for the tide to sweep them out to sea. Walking through Chumbe’s coral rag forest, you can see fossilized structures in between the jungle of vines and vegetation.
Cold soda and bottles of water are complimentary throughout the day, with a selection of mouth watering Swahili dishes for lunch freshly cooked on the island. During your stay, you’ll have use of one of the island’s award winning eco-friendly bandas as well.
Tips and Advice
»Be equipped with comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat and swimwear.

Day Trip to Mnemba Atoll

Recently declared a marine conservation area, Mnemba Island is a coral atoll, surrounded by thriving, vibrant reefs and the crystal clear Indian Ocean.

Recently declared a marine conservation area, Mnemba Island is a coral atoll surrounded by thriving, vibrant reefs and the crystal clear Indian Ocean. The waters are teeming with an overwhelming number of beautiful tropical reef fish, green turtles graze peacefully amongst the heads of plate and honeycomb corals, and a resident pod of curious bottle-nosed dolphins that appear often and offer the chance for visitors to interact with these splendid marine mammals in a natural environment. This full day excursion leaves at around 9 in the morning and returns back at around 3pm.

On the return trip, if tides are high you will also have the chance to visit Muyuni Beach where you can spend some time relaxing in the sun. Lunch boxes will be provided and you can enjoy your lunch on the beautiful beach or in the shade of the dhow. (Please note that this is not guaranteed every day, it is subject to tide conditions and can be checked on the day of departure).

Deep Sea Game Fishing

Join us for a day out big game fishing in the waters of Zanzibar and the Pemba channel.

Join us for a day out big game fishing in the waters of Zanzibar and the Pemba channel. Our deep-sea fishing charter boats are fully equipped and ready to take you out for a unforgettable fishing experience. Trailing a combination of lures, natural dead baits or live bait is how fishing is done. Our well-equipped fishing boats and resourceful crew will make sure you have an enjoyable day out in the Indian Ocean.

Spend either a half or full day out at sea with professional anglers and fish for pleasure or catch your own dinner! Our fishing partners are environmentally responsible and adopt practice measures to ensure the sustainability of marine life.
Striped, black and blue marlin can be found on the Zanzibar coastline along with acrobatic sailfish and the elusive spearfish. Dorado, yellow fin tuna, wahoo, barracuda, king fish and many more provide endless hours of action packed game fishing out at ocean.
August to October is peak season for tuna fishing, with marlin and sailfish season running from November till March, following the pattern of the monsoons. Fishing in Zanzibar is a delight, with the turquoise and deep blue of the ocean contrasting perfectly against powder blue skies and the waves lapping against the prow of the boat. Whatever time of year you visit, you’re sure to have a great day out with a chance of landing a personal best and epic tales of the one that got away!
Tips and Advice
»Sunscreen, sunglasses, waterproof shoes and a sun hat are a must.

Diving & Snorkelling

The archipelago of Zanzibar offers some of the best diving and snorkelling conditions in the world with warm and calm waters, great visibility and beautiful, untouched reefs.

The archipelago of Zanzibar offers some of the best diving and snorkelling opportunities in the world with warm, calm waters, great visibility and beautiful, untouched reefs. World-class diving centres offer an excellent service, equipment and skills.

Our diving packages allow you to explore multiple reefs on the Zanzibar’s various coastlines and surrounding islands. Half and full day guided snorkelling excursions and dive trips may include lunch on nearby sandbanks and are a part of our selection of packages.

Honeymoon Sunset Cruise

Be with the one you love, on a private cruise through the magical waters of Zanzibar, the perfect start to a romantic evening.
Take in the breathtaking sites of the island and the magnificence of the African sun setting into the Indian Ocean, all on your own private vessel for two. You have a choice of entertainment ranging from local drummers to the world renowned legend, Bikidudi Baraka entertaining you as the sun slips away over the horizon on the end of yet another breathtaking day in our beautiful land, Africa.
» 16:30 – Meet at the Zanzibar Serena Inn reception – Guide briefing of the excursion
» 16:45 – Climb onboard the dhow, meet the crew and set sail
»Guide will explain historical sites etc
»Musician onboard to entertain
»Butler serving canapés and drinks
»Sail for about an hour up the coast
»Sail back towards Stone Town as the sun sets
»18:30 – Return to the Beach-front of Stone Town

Kizimkazi Boat Trip

Take a one hour drive from to Stone Town to Kizimkazi, on Zanzibar’s southcoast for a day of dolphin spotting.

Kizimkazi is home to large numbers of bottle-nosed and spinner dolphins, beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish.

On arrival, you’re given a short safety briefing and the dos and don’ts when faced with these wild animals. Then, you board a traditional ocean going dhow and set sail on the Indian Ocean in search of dolphins.
You can get as close as 10 to 20 metres away from the dolphins. Kizimkazi Boat Trip Sleek and grey, they jack-knife through the water, sometimes showing off with jumps and twists. In the past, some tourists have been lucky enough to swim and snorkel with these magical animals. However, the dolphins aren’t tame, and can be shy and elusive. Although visitors see dolphins on the majority of outings, there are no guarantees. Whether you’re fortunate enough to see dolphins or not, you can enjoy two hours sailing and taking in the sights of the ocean. There’s superb snorkelling in the pristine coral reef and swimming in the clear, warm water of the Indian Ocean.
You’ll return to the beach for lunch, where you can swim in the shallower waters and talk to the crew, who can tell you sea stories about the one that got away.
» Swim wear, towel and water resistant shoes.
» Hat and sunscreen.

Prison Island Trip

This half day excursion is perfect for someone who wants to get off the beach and get a little more action!

This half day excursion is perfect for anyone who wants to get off the beach and get a little more action! Join us as we sail to Prison Island, also known as Changuu and Quarantine Island where you will find a conservation area dedicated to the endangered Aldabra Tortoises.

While there are babies and juveniles, some tortoises are nearly a 180 years old! After admiring our large reptile friends, take a tour of the historical prison which once used to house rebellious slaves and was later used as a quarantine site sheltering the main island from epidemics like yellow fever.
Getting a little hot? Why not go for a snorkel in the crystal clear waters that surround the island or swim and relax on the white sands. On the sail back, we’ll indulge you with some tropical fruit hoping to leave you with an extra sweet memory of your day.
Offered Daily, from 9:30-12:30, or 13:30-16:30 from the front of Stone Town

Safari Blue

Setting sail on a traditional dhow when visiting Zanzibar could be one of the highlights of your trip!

The Safari Blue trip starts from Fumba the perfect starting point to explore Menai Bay, an official Conser¬vation Area. Home to beautiful uninhabited islands, this area is stunning and frequented by humpback and bottlenose dolphins.

On arrival at Fumba, clients are given a briefing on the Safari Blue adventure where dolphins are sighted on approximately 90% of trips. The anchor is dropped at Kwale sandbank where sunshades are set up and guests have the chance to go snorkelling in the coral reefs assisted by the guides. After snorkelling, guests are offered refreshments to whet their appetite before heading back to Kwale Island for lunch under the tamarind trees. Drinks are served throughout the day and lunch is a buffet of grilled fish, lobster, calamari, chicken and rice with a sampling of tropical fruits in season.

After lunch, you can sun bathe, snooze or visit the beautiful mangrove lagoon where depending on the tide you can laze by taking a swim in the warm waters of the lagoon. For the more adventurous guests there is an opportunity to sail in an “ngalawa” – a local outrigger canoe. After this it’s back to Fumba around 5:30pm.

Sandbank Picnic


This full day excursion includes something for everyone!

Start your day by touring the historical Prison Island where the prison was once used as a quarantine, befriend an Aldabra Tortoise and enjoy the panorama of Stonetown from the other side!

After that it’s time to relax on the white sands of the Pange Sandbank and soak up Zanzibar’s sun. Admire the breathtaking view of the turquoise waters around you and the birds that loom up above.
Want to cool down for a bit? Grab your snorkel and flippers and go for a swim where the underwater world will blow you away. Marvel at the tropical fish that swim amongst the beautiful, live coral reef around the Sandbank. This truly makes it a dream excursion!
After you’ve worked up an appetite, sit down and relax under your own private tent where a seafood feast awaits you. We guarantee it to be one of your favourite day out in Zanzibar!
Offered Daily, from 9:30-16:30

Sunset Cruise with Dining

Set sail for an hour by sea south of Stone Town, framed by the stunning African sunset and come back to a mouthwatering dinner at the Jafferji House rooftop!

Sunset Cruise With Rooftop Dining Experience

After a sunset cruise you will be taken to the rooftop restaurant at the Jafferji House Hotel in Stone Town.

At Jafferji House we have three dining areas where private events can be held depending on the number of guests and style of event you wish to have.

• The Zanzibar style rooftop – For up to 4 people
• The Swahili style patio – For up to 6 people
• The 1920’s Colonial style terrace – For up to 12 people

The private dining menu selector has the following options:
Swahili menu
• A fishy affair
• Meat feast
• Seafood

Sunset Dhow Cruise

Watching the sun set on Zanzibar is an amazing experience and watching it while sailing the sea is one-of-a-kind!

Come with your partner to turn up the romance or with your friends and family to see Zanzibar from the ocean’s perspective!

Don’t forget the sun downers…Every trip includes refreshing beers chilled to perfection, soda, water and snacks to boot! For 8 people or more, you can enjoy the sweet sounds of Taraab music provided by your own private musician.
As the wind blows the boat back to shore, we know you will enjoy the perfect ending to your perfect day at the beach.
Sunset Cruise: Offered Daily, from 16:30-18:30

Whale watching Tours

As one of the first tour operator companies in Zanzibar, Gallery Tours and Safaris now provide ethical and responsible humpback whale watching tours.

These are carried out in association with local fishermen and the villages of Kizimikazi.  Tours are conducted between July and August when whales are typically found in the coastal or shelf waters.

You shall have a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch these majestic creatures In a local jahazi or dhow. The tours are conducted by an experienced fisherman and guide who has an in-depth knowledge of the whales’ conservation.
As an endangered species, the humpback whale is found in most oceans across the globe. Reaching lengths of 50 to 55 metres in length, the humpback whales are dark in colour with distinctive nodules on their rostrum and have pectoral flippers that are nearly a third of their body length. It is easily one of best known and most recognizable of the larger whale species and is notorious for its frequent acrobatic behaviour and occasional tendency to approach vessels.
At close range, humpback whales are easily distinguished from any other large whale by their remarkably long flippers. In recent years, humpback whales around Zanzibar have often approached boats for “friendly” encounters. This phenomenon has increased over the years and could probably be related to a new generation of whales curious about boats.
Our Director, Javed Jafferji, has spent many hours looking for these special creatures and it is a privilege to introduce this excursion of a lifetime. Kizimkazi will soon become a worldwide hub for watching humpbacks whales, which will be a valuable asset to the tourism industry and local villagers alike.
Please note: The chances are very high during the summer months to spot Humpback whales but there are no guarantees.

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