Reasons Why You Should Book Your Safari in Ndutu Now?

Traveling down from Kenya every year the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCAA) plays host to one of the world’s greatest natural spectacles – The Great Migration (Calving Season).

Over two million migratory animals made up of several species wildebeest, zebra, eland and Thompson gazelle move clockwise from Ngorongoro and the Southern Serengeti to the Northern Serengeti into Kenya and back.

This migration route happens because they follow the rains and therefore the new grasses which grow up rapidly. The Ndutu area is famed for its short grass plains which grow grass which is particularly rich in nutrients and sustains the migratory animals whilst they have their babies. Traditionally the wildebeest and zebra tend to calve on these plains with a peak around February which makes for a beautiful natural spectacle and some exciting predator hunting behaviors!

Wildebeests Crossing Lake Ndutu

The Wildebeest continue to mature on the short grass plains well into March and April gaining strength for the long migration to the North following the rains and the new pastures.

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