Tanzania Wildlife safaris have earned their unrivaled reputation. A trip to this African country will be an ideal vacation for all who want to explore the true power of the wilderness. It is likely the only place where the impact of civilization on the natural environment is not yet visible.
Your Tanzania safari will give you the rare opportunity to see majestic elephants, mighty lions, slender antelopes, joyful zebras, stealthy cheetahs, and hundreds of other animals in their natural habitat.


Few places in the world can compete with Tanzania as a wildlife destination. Tanzania, the world’s best safari destination, hypnotizes with its pure, wild beauty. Tanzania, the world’s last major wildlife refuge, is an ideal location for your holiday.

Lomo Tanzania Safari is a well-known safari operator in Tanzania. Our competent safari guiding professionals, huge safari fleet of the newest comfortable Land Cruisers customized for wilderness expeditions, and dedicated travel advisors will make your vacation to Tanzania a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Tanzania’s unspoiled, natural beauty hypnotizes. Tanzania, the world’s last major wildlife refuge, is an ideal location for your holiday.


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Tanzania offers the best and most consistent wildlife viewing opportunities year-round. The dry season (Late June to October) is generally considered the best time overall for game viewing. However, even the shoulder season in Tanzania (November to March) has an amazing sights to offer in terms of wildlife viewing. April and May are probably the least optimal months to go since many camps close during the long rains. However, there are still enough places open for us to put together a magnificent itinerary for you if those months are your only option. And, since it is the low season, you will enjoy the benefits of a less crowded and less expensive journey!

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